Friday, 31 January 2014

Flash back Friday(XMAS)

Going Back to before Christmas now, I recorded and produced a Xmas card for Cancer Research UK. I recorded and Produced a nice little acoustic guitar piece and got creative with some percussion, which I think gives it a very natural yet humbling feel to the track. Perfect to represent the brief and even mimic CRUK attitude. After I constructed the music, I then went on to sound design the animation in which I had the pleasure of recording my friends kids Singing a christmas carol. Although the session was very demanding, it paid of in the end and added a great sense of dynamics and joy to the film.I created all aspects of the sound design with props and things I had knocking around the studio. for instance a ruler on a table for the birds on the wire. Think it works well. Enjoy

Saturday, 20 October 2012


Check out my sound design video links that appear on this blog at:

Hays - Composing/Sound Design

A Project I Sound Designed and Composed for the global brand Hays.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

AstraZeneca Animation

Here's another Project from the team at Conran Design Group that I sound designed a few weeks ago. This piece had to be turned around in a few days as it was going to go live without any sound, so Reuben (the animator) contacted me and asked if I could do something quick as he couldn't let there be no sound. Reuben wanted a more dynamic digital theme for this project with more of a action/sci-fi Esq influenced tones and clicks.

Watch the annual repot below or on AZ website her

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Associated British foods 2011 Report

Been working closely with Conran design Group over the past few mouths and this is the next project I was lucky to be apart of. This one was a lot of fun as I got to record Foley and compose a organic but still inspirational type track which accented and supported the animation throughout.

also see the individual sectors by clicking the link below to see how each sector is different in terms of music and sound design.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Conran Design Group Showreel

I Have been working with Conran Design Group over the past month or so now, and had the pleasure of sound designing and composing their showreel for them. Conran are a very inspirational company and translate that into their work. Along with the Conran slogan "creating momentum", Inspirational later became my sort of buzz words I used when constructing the sound design but most importantly the composition, which was to deliver this quality of the Branding giant. The Music track I created supports the visuals, edited to frame changes and correlates to the many client case studies. Editing and composing the music to picture, much like how the sound design process is constructed helps the viewer to understand what they are experiencing.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Lumacoustics Idents - Sound Design Branding

This short sequences of Lumacoustic Idents were created for a re-branding project by Reuben Armstrong. wanted to deliver a crisp but urban design to match the edgy visual graphics.

Storm Over Morocco Animations

This is a excerpt from a documentary about Frank Romano life tales. I provided additional sound design to the animations as well as final mix to this short clip. designing the Four short flash-back sequences for the documentary called Storm Over Morocco was a very time consuming task as they had to mimic the environments, thus helping tell the story of Frank Romano as he describes it. Animated by Reuben Armstrong and illustrations by Fariq Aziz.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

RDA Sound Design Branding

Here is a small piece i designed for a moving image designer from london. real fun to do so hope you like. there's 50 SFX in this 9 second clip. layer upon layer.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Flow TV Channel

Flow is a new online TV channel showcasing new and innovative art, vision and sound. Think of it like a blog but with a constant creative stream of art and creative nourishment. Early stages of this new brand so have just been working on some short ad teasers/promotional content to get the buzz going.

More to come from this project as there will be a full 2 minute promotional advert for the channel, which will go into more detail describing what flow is. This really tested my editing and sound design skills on a full Pro Tools HD rig, so I hope you enjoy.